Real and Imagined

Essays and Novels by Amy Tatko

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The Secrets of apricot lane

A friendship between two neighbors with newborns grows into an affair that brings happiness at first, followed by longing and loss that spans twenty years and binds the two families forever.

Playing cello for the trees

A spirited woman on the brink of her seventy-fifth birthday sets out to complete her lifelong work on a list of adventurous tasks before she ends her life with dignity and determination.


An idealistic Vermont family traces their beloved wife and mother's murder to her hidden past that drags them through uncharted emotional terrain and to Mexico and Russia to learn who she really was.

The blind optometrist

A restless middle-aged optometrist persuades her hunchbacked colleague to have his hump removed in a risky operation intended to make the content and self-assured man “normal."

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